Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dr. E said...

"I may be the only person you'll ever meet who has gotten severely burned while playing golf.  I never played again."

He was absolutely correct (unless someone out there has gotten severely burned while playing golf and would like to introduce yourself to me). 

He was still in school in Wales but enjoying a summer of leisure.  That summer, there were terrible, widespread forest fires -- so widespread that the people just sort of accepted them as part of the scenery.  One day, he was out with a few friends, playing golf and drinking a bit. 

He says he wasn't very good at golf, but the drinking didn't help matters.  As is often the case with drunk and/or talentless golfers, he hit his ball into the trees.  Now, the concentration of magnesium in the soil in Wales is unusually high, and the ground could actually burn without smoking.  He stepped onto such a patch of scorched earth, which almost instantly burned through the soles of his shoes.  His buddies had to take him to the hospital.

Great story though.


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