Monday, November 29, 2010


I saw a commercial for the upcoming Victoria's Secret underwear fashion show.  My first thought was "That first model looks like a man in drag."  My second thought was "Who is this commercial for?"

Not women.  I imagine any woman who isn't a size two would feel like a fat, ugly toad watching all those skinny "angels" walk the runway.  My first guess was men, but according to L, "This isn't aimed at straight men.  Straight men don't like super skinny, starved model types.  All fashion anything is aimed at gay men.  The crazy wing shit and glitter is so the women don't scare them."

Sure, there is the gay male stereotype in the fashion industry, and I am sure that the whole angel (or super rainbow butterfly in a few cases) appeals to the more flamboyant, but I fear the show is truly aimed at teenage girls.

Mommy, you said I could be anything I want.  Why am I not a garden fairy princess angel?  

I am no activist.  I'm not out to save the youth of the nation beyond my classroom.  I could go on and on about body image and the importance of getting an education in case you don't get your Mrs. degree while you're in college (and how even if you do, your Mr. could die unexpectedly and without life insurance leaving you and your kiddies destitute).  If teaching has taught me anything about youth it is that if you have to struggle and figure it out for yourself, you will learn the lesson and remember it always.  In my opinion, it's up to each of us to save ourselves.  Waiting around for someone else to do it is a sure way to be disappointed for your entire life.

I use this blog to, among other things, share my personal opinions.  So, I will share this one: if you are a woman, don't watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show, and don't let your daughter watch it either.  If you do, don't hate yourself because nature or money haven't given you an improbable 6 foot, size -2 body.  Explain that to your daughters as well.  Then, do me a small favor by laughing while you watch.  


  1. I did not realize this was you writing! I'm totally following now! And I absolutely agree about that fashion show. Even if I did let Olivia watch TV (we will later--maybe 18 months; maybe sooner), there is no way she would watch that!

  2. @Christine: Thank you so much for following. I need to add you to my blogroll. Also, one of my friends from high school was not allowed to watch TV until she could read. I'm not saying I could do that, but it's a goal for sure.