Monday, January 17, 2011


Along with Metalocalpyse, Superjail feeds my appetite for gruesome, creepy, and awesome cartoonage.  I can't say that the plots and drawings are all that great, but the uniqueness of the imagination behind the animation and brutal death scenes that generally close the episodes are what take the cake.  It is rare to see two inmates killed the same way in not only the same episode but at all.  That is the beauty of this psychotic acid trip of a cartoon.

Characters: who don't I love?  There is Jackknife, the inmate who is always caught and dragged back to jail at the beginning of each episode.  Jailbot and Alice run herd on the inmates.  The Warden is a goofier, crazier version of Willy Wonka.  But, I suppose my very favorite characters are the ones I refer to as the "Techno Twins."  They take the warden's already poor ideas and kick them up a notch (playing the warden's dream organ until everyone is insane, setting Spanish flies free inside the female/male inmate dance, creating a superclone for the battle arena, to name a few).

When compared to the other bloody, gruesome cartoons Cartoon Network airs on Adult Swim, Superjail beats them hands-down in body count.  When I catch it, I almost always say, "Ooh, Superjail.  I wonder how everyone will die tonight?"  For a twisted, screwy person like me, it's the perfect bookend to a day.

A sampling of deaths; Note the Techno Twins and their clone on the left wall, watcing it all go to Hell.

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