Monday, January 10, 2011

I Wanna Sling Poo...and Snow

The day it snows/sleets enough to close businesses and schools is the day my refrigerator malfunctioned.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard it making a loud humming noise over the regular humming noise it makes when it cycles.  The sound grew louder and louder, as if traveling from the top of the fridge, down the back, and then click! at my feet.  It would stop.  A minute or so would pass and it would begin again.  

Around dinnertime, I felt inside the fridge and said to L, "I think it's not cooling."  He said it felt fine, but I thought the freezer seemed too warm as well.

This morning, everything in the freezer was thawed.  Now, the dairy and eggs are in a cooler on the porch, and I would be okay with the fact that it's barely above 30Âș out there, but we've also snowy-icy-slush on everything.  Even though the roads here are passable (as L has already returned from getting a bag of ice for the cooler), no one except grocery and gas station clerks have gone to work, including refrigerator repairmen.  So while I'm pretty sure it's either out of coolant or the compressor is shot, I can't get in touch with anyone to come confirm/fix it.

Part of me thinks I should just go out and buy a new fridge and forget about it, but the part of me that thinks it might be a $60 fix wants to wait and see.  Either way, I'll have a huge grocery bill from having to replace all the frozen stuff that thawed.

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