Saturday, January 15, 2011

L said...

"I'm like the Fonz."

In keeping with the theme of my house falling apart, we have a short somewhere between the overhead kitchen light and the garage door opener.  This isn't too surprising, when one takes into consideration how crazily the house is wired. 

I have a one-story house with the garage and kitchen on the left side, the office and living room in the middle, and the two bedrooms and two baths on the right side.  The range is on its own breaker, but after that, we had to make a list to keep track of it all.  For example, the back porch light, front entry light (on opposite ends of the house), and the office light are all on the same circuit, completely skipping the living room.  The kitchen is half with the garage and outlets for the office (but not the light) and half by itself.  I'm sure there is a reason, if nothing more than sheer laziness.

Back to the short...L's car is usually in the garage with mine in the driveway, but since the delivery of the fridge on Thursday, we haven't moved the cars.  Yesterday, L and I came home and went into the house through the garage instead of the front door.  L punched the garage door button, but when we went into the house and shut the door, the garage door stopped halfway.  I punched the button several times, the force increasing with the level of my anger, until it lowered again, but as soon as I closed the house door, it quit.  L turned on the overhead kitchen light, and it didn't work either.  We flipped the breaker, which did nothing more than kill power to the modem and our computers in the office.  After slamming the door several times, the light came on and the garage door worked.  (Blowing out a puff of air) So, while we really, really hope it's in the attic, the short is probably in the wall.

We went out to get some Chinese last night, and when we came home, we made sure to carefully shut the door.  The garage door shut, but the light didn't turn off after a few minutes like it should.  At 10:30 last night, the light as still on, and L said, "I'll deal with it."  He turned on the overhead kitchen light and walked over to the house door into the garage.   As I headed into the bedroom, I heard him bang the wall and say, "Aye!" and a bit later, "The light's off now."

Yep, just like the Fonz.     

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