Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Sick

Interpret that title how you like.

I just returned from seeing the doctor, again.  This time, it was for something other than a wrenched shoulder/neck.

Anywho, so I was sitting in the exam room, waiting on the doc (a different doc than I saw for my neck), and looking at the wall mural.  Every exam room has its own mural depicting athletes at play.  The one in my room was of basketball players, and while the shadowing was excellent, the perspective was all to' up.  My eyes drifted over to the copy of the doc's diploma and then to the wall that holds the biohazard disposal box.  Next to it, there were two Norman Rockwell prints depicting children with herr doktor.  Of the two, one really stood out:

My thoughts, in order, were the following:

1) I think that's the same floor tile as in the hallways of Mathews at BSCC. (The building is long gone now.)

2) I bet that kid is thinking, "Hey!  There's no such thing as Happy Fun Time Medical School."

3) Today, would Norman Rockwell be considered a child pornographer for painting a boy with his bare ass showing?  Norman, you dirty, dirty man!

I'm twisted.  I know this.

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